Welcome to the Maryland GOP Insider, this is a blog dedicated to spreading the facts about the GOP, these are things about the MDGOP, the things you won’t ever read in the Washington Post, Baltimore Sun or anywhere in the lame stream media.

My name is Aaron Sparh, student at the University of Maryland, College Park. I am Conservative Republican and have zero tolerances for moderates.


5 responses to “About

  • Joan

    If you are going to spread fact about the GOP check your facts starting with who is running in the primaries in each congressional district. Your polls are missing candidates and are missleading.

  • Kathy Szeliga

    Congressman Andy Harris has NOT endorsed in this race.

    Please correct your posting.

    Kathy Szeliga – Campaign Manager – Andy Harris for Congress.

  • S.Wells-Burke

    Just a few notable corrections to your latest blog post:
    1. Resolutions committee Chair Andi Morony WAS NOT the individual who offered a resolution condemning Moore. It was Chris Zeauskas’ resolution that Andi, performing her duty as resolution committee chair, read for the committee.
    2. Congressman Andy Harris has publicly said he would welcome Harris (I think you mean Moore) back to the party and expects that she will return soon.
    Moving on to the
    In regards to the Preibus Resolution: I think you missed the point of the resolution – it was less about removing someone who is likely to win and more about raising the issues that he has failed the Party. Applying your logic that it “couldn’t get any dumber” to oppose the inevitable. Should we not urge GOP elected officials to cast “Nay” votes on tax increases in the MD General Assembly (Since it is inevitable that the Dems in Annapolis will push through whatever agenda they want)? Further, should we not support GOP candidates whose chances of winning are slim to none? Hey, whether you think it is dumb or not at least someone in the party has the ‘wherewithal’ to make a statement and be active….
    p.s. You’re right a liberal Democratic Delegate in District 42 is MUCH better than Republican John Fiastro Jr…

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