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Dan “Jonestown” Bongino

Dan Bongino has posed the question on his Facebook page:  “If you have a minute would you mind briefly sharing your experiences with the MD State GOP? Either good or bad, I would like to see what they are doing well or what needs to change.”


Some Maryland conservatives continue to drink from the vat of “Bongino Kool Aid” by the gallon.  Given their continued reaction to “Jonestown” Bongino, one might have thought he had won, or even have run a halfway competitive race.  To hear them, electing Bongino, not Romney, should have been the top priority for Maryland Republicans.

Inconvenient questions are not being asked, such as how does Bongino actually compare with other Maryland Republican US Senate candidates?

Nevertheless, here are the numbers:

Bongino (2012) – 693,291 Wargotz (2010) – 655,666 Steele (2006) – 787,182 Pipkin (2004) – 783,055

Consider the two Senate candidates who both ran more US Senate competitive races: State Senator E.J. Pipkin and former Lt. Governor Michael Steele.   Both had records as elected officials.  In fact, both had won races to win positions formally held by Democrats. (Even Eric Wargotz had been an elected official in Queen Anne’s County, although that county has fewer people than some condo associations in the state.)

Dan Bongino has no public record to point to. None.  He has never won votes beyond the Republican base.   In fact after Bongino won the primary in Spring 2012, he never stopped running to pick up still more primary votes. Faced with a skeptical questioner on the campaign trail, Bongino thrilled his supporters by giving the hapless voter what for.  Feels good to true believers, but it does not win many additional votes.

To answer Bongino’s question:  The state Republican Party should have recruited a more experienced – and yes, more credible- candidate for the US Senate.  It should have been of the stature of our Congressional candidates such as Nancy Jacobs or Tony O’Donnell.   Did anyone try to recruit Blaine Young, Pat McDonough or Alan Kittleman?