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Chris Cavey’s “Show Me the Money” Plan for Republican Party

Earlier this week, former Baltimore County Republican Chairman Chris Cavey offered his “Show Me the Money” plan for the Maryland Republican Party.  (see another)

This is the same Chris Cavey who was defeated in 2010 as the Baltimore County Republican Chairman by the former head of Republicans for Obama.  However, in doing so County Republicans avoided being tarred by Cavey’s participation in the Ehrlich 2010 Election Day antics.

According an indictment filed by the State Prosecutor of various Ehrlich campaign aides, Cavey was in the infamous Ehrlich campaign “war room” at the Westin Hotel as the Director of Field Operations, at which Ehrlich aides hatched their “Relax” robocall.  (see p 7, para 13.) The call resulted in the criminal conviction of Paul Schurick and Julius Hanson for sending over 100,000 to African-American voters the following phone message:

“Hello, I calling to let everybody know that governor O’Malley and President Obama have been successful.  Our goals have been met. The polls are correct, and we took it back.  We’re okay. Everything is fine.  The only thing left is to watch it on TV tonight.

Congratulations, and thank you.”

Politics does not any sleazier than this.  In fact another prosecutor could easily have swept Cavey in with an indictment as a co-conspirator with Schurick and Henson.  So it is in this context that Chris Cavey offers his personal “to do list” for Maryland


1.      Pay the Maryland Republican Chairman a salary.

2.      Let non-Republicans vote in the Republican primary

3.      Require candidates to collect “petition signatures” to get ballot access

4.      Let Central Committees endorse candidates

5.      Move away from incumbent endorsement,

6.      Be a business- “it will breed success and “spawn additional investors.”

Every single point on his plan involves rewarding  handful of party insiders, the Chris Cavey’s, Lawrence Scott’s and Kevin Igoe’s, with more power to determine who can and cannot run for office as a Republican.  And more importantly for them, reward them with jobs, consulting contracts and more money.

Everybody under the Cavey plan would need to hire the political consultants to get petition signatures or to get their Central Committee’s endorsement. Principled Conservatives would especially be more vulnerable given the “Open” primary suggestion, since these are intended to further weaken conservatives.   Under Cavey’s “Move away for incumbent endorsement” platform plank, Republican legislators will need to staff up with Central Committee Chairmen like Cavey was in order to be prepared to avoid primary fights.

Maybe this goes to show why in 2009 Audrey Scott seemed the proverbial “knight on a white horse” compared to wannabe State Chairman Chris Cavey.  We are lucky the party never decided to “Show Cavey the Money.”


Chairman Mooney Crushes Rebellion

smiegelThis past Saturday, instead of delivering a vote of no confidence to Alex Mooney or Reince Preibus, rather unexpectedly, the Maryland Republican party rebuked the Cecil County Republican Central Committee, Sen. E.J. Pipkin  and Del. Michael Smigiel instead.

This past November Cecil County voters elected their first ever County Executive, Tari Moore.  That she is a Republican should be a source of pride for Cecil Republicans.  However, Moore’s being a Republican has led Pipkin, Smigel  and County Chris Zeauskas to think that they now are entitled to play the role of “Boss Tweed” of Tammany Hall  and dictate appointments to the County government. Moore outflanked them last week with a slick legal maneuver to switch party registration to independent.

At the convention, Resolutions committee Chair Andi  Morony (a Smigiel flunky and long-time Audrey Scott hack) offered a resolution not just condemning Moore, but demanding she resign an office she had not even been sworn into yet. Despite a one-sided presentation, the party convention saw through the Pipkin-Smigiel  power grab and turned the big fat bullies down flat.  The resolution was tabled.

Congressman Andy Harris has publicly said he would welcome Harris back to the party and expects that she will return soon. Moore need not worry about returning to the Republican Party and a future Republican primary.  Moore has already beaten “Boss” Zeauskas  once in the 2010 primary, and then won the 2012 primary for County Executive.  In short, Cecil pipkinRepublicans have already rejected the  Pipkin -Semigel-Zeauskas combination.

Baltimore County Chairman John Fiastro Jr. didn’t fare much better at the convention.  Having only just been elected in the past few weeks as the County’s Party Chairman, he decided to begin his tenure by taking on RNC Chairman Reince Prebius with a no confidence resolution.

It doesn’t get much dumber than that, since Preibus already has the votes to win..  This also serves as an explanation as to why in 2010 the voters in Legislative District 42 opted to elect  two Republicans, Susan Aumann  and Bill Frank, but passed on electing Fiastro.

But then, give Fiastro some credit.  He at least got his resolution on the floor, even if it was turned down.  Brian Griffith’s kamikaze attack on Alex Mooney crashed before it even took off. No doubt he will be reminded of his harsh comments about volunteering out of state when he tries to run for national YR office.  One suspects that Brian’s chances of ever following in Nicolee Ambrose’s heels are slim and none.