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She’s Back!

With Republicans like these, who needs Democrats?
Originally Published in the Baltimore Sun


by Marta Hummel Mossburg


OCTOBER 23, 2012
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<!–MPPITransparency is critical to the effective participation of citizenry in a democratic government. In order to hold members of government accountable for
their actions, citizens must be able to find relevant information without undue burden.


Republicans in Maryland often wonder why they lose. The letter sent last week by Michael Steele and Audrey Scott to Maryland Republicans urging them to vote for expanded gambling is a perfect example of how the party solidifies its minority status. <more>

Sounds like old Audrey is back. This time she is shilling for the Taxpayer funded casinos who want to come to National Harbor.  This is a one of Martin O’Malley’s pet projects, why a former MDGOP Chair and unsuccessful candidate for Republican National Committeewoman would support one of O’Malley’s pet projects.  Answer she is Audrey Scott.