RINOs We don’t need Them!!!

The MD GOP under the leadership of Alex Mooney is great.  Alex has been able to pick off 2 of the 3 O’Malley’s pet bills.  Alex got the Maryland Dream act on a referendum; Gay Marriage and now he is going to get Redistricting on the ballot in 2012.  Alex and Del. Neil Parrott deserves the bulk of the credit they did in spite of RINOs in Maryland like John Wafer and Chris Cavey (Who should be in jail or house arrest with Paul Schurik for robo call gate)

John Wafer is a liberal Republican from Howard County, who managed to win as party secretary back in 2010.  Wafer has been a constant moron on the committee bad mouthing Chairman Mooney and  other conservatives.  I guess that is why he backed Liberal Republicans like Audrey Scott, Mary Kane and his own county Chairman Loretta Sheilds.   Howard County has some of the biggest liberal republicans in the State like State Senator Alan Kittleman and Del. Wade Kach both support Gay Marriage like John Wafer.

We can all agree the MDGOP would work better if we didn’t have RINOs like Wafer, Kittleman, and Kach.


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6 responses to “RINOs We don’t need Them!!!

  • Brian Harlin

    Wow! Where do I start. We will start off with something simple like Wade Kach, while I do agree he isn’t much of a Republican – he is NOT from Howard County – try Baltimore County.

    It must be fun sitting in your mom’s basement writing anonymously while the rest of us in the real world live our lives. You can write whatever you want about anybody, without any fact whatsoever. For the most part, I ignore these blogs. It would be nice to know who you are so I could base what you have actually done for the party against others you attack. If you believe it – put your name on it!

    John Wafer is one of, if the hardest working Republicans I know. It boggles my mind how anyone could accuse a man that has worked so trielessly for this party locally and nationally, could have his loyalty to this party questioned.

    As for the others in your little hit piece – it shows me you haven’t been involved very long if you don’t know how much time and energy Audrey, Mary and Loretta have poured into this party. There is so much that would not have been accomplished without their hard work. Each of them a class act. None of them would ever be gutless enough to hide behind a nickname – a bad one at that. A true insider would know what each of these people has meant to the growth of this party.

    While Alex is a friend of mine and I appreciate his hard work, he also doesn’t always vote the way I would like on giving illegals in-state tuition:

    “But Mooney’s missive failed to mention that he voted in favor of an earlier version of the bill during his tenure in the state Senate in 2003. Mooney was among the 30 senators who helped pass the bill, which was ultimately vetoed by former GOP governor Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.”

    Alex, I am sure, had very good reasons for voting for the original dream act in the senate.

    My point is – every Republican is not always going to agree with one another on every issue. That doesn’t make them any less of a Republican. Maybe you should spend more time actually doing something and less time trying to tear the people down that are.

    Brian Harlin
    (noticed below that a name was required – maybe you should start doing the same)

  • Shore Bird

    No way man. Big tent. Wafer, Kittleman, and Kach are welcome at my poker table anytime.

    • mdgopinsider

      They will be the reason we lose in 2014. Whenever we run like Democrats Lite we don’t win, only time that hasn’t happen when our guy ran against a moron that even the Dems couldn’t support. Ellen Sauerbrey in 1994 ran as a Conservative they had to steal the election from her. In 1998 when her consultants told her to moderate on positions she lost.

    • Noah McDonald

      Shore Bird, we have tried Big Tent. How did that work out for us? We need bold distinctions in the two parties not some shades of pale pastels. The reason we lose is because the laternative is Democrat Lite.

  • Cam Jones


    You are right. This guy is sitting in his mom’s basement playing with his toy trains while writing this BS. he has not been around the Mdgop very long. I’ll tell you who he is.

    • mdgopinsider

      To the Dinosaur

      Alex Mooney is the first decent chairman of the MD GOP in my lifetime. Audrey Scott, John Wafer Louis Pope and others are RINOs. What has Audrey done? Oh yea she kept Jim Shalleck off the ballot, which let Doug Gansler to pile up cash for his run for Governor in 2014. With the exception of 1 or 2 people on the Howard County and the Montgomery County Republican Central Committees they are all a bunch of RINOs that support things like Gay Marriage and In-state tuition of illegal aliens.

      I may not be a dinosaur like you guys but I have been around long enough to see that until Alex Mooney the MDGOP was in shambles. It is no secret that Alex, Larry and now Nicolee have to deal with leftists in and outside the party that are constantly trying to tare Alex down. The RINOs have thrown in the towel declared Rep. Bartlett as unelectable. This is why Mary Kane didn’t get to be the Chair of the MDGOP. She had the same deftest attitude many of the RINOs have “…We won’t have another Republican Governor for Forty years…”

      Now that Alex Mooney is trying to use his expertise as a grass roots guy who raised money for the YAF: National Journalism Center. RINOs have had things their way in Maryland for too long. Now it’s our turn. There is a reason why Blaine Young is raising more money than the other two candidates for Governor. There is a reason Alex Mooney was able to raise over 100k in one month for his exploratory committee. There is a reason Nicolee Ambrose won and Audrey Scott was squashed. MY GENERATION OF REPUBLICANS WANT LEADERS WHO WILL TAKE BOLD STEPS towards victory. The next generation of leaders like Alex Mooney, Sam Hale, Nicolee Ambrose, Neil Parrott, Michael Hough, Blaine Young and others, are finding success where the State Party has failed in the past. The old guard would never have been able to get Gay Marriage, the Dream Act and Redistricting on the ballot. This is because of Bold Leadership.

      When was the last time the MDGOP been as effective as it has been under the Leadership of Alex Mooney? We need more leaders like Blaine Young, Neil Parrott, Michael Hough, Alex Mooney, Nicolee Ambrose and Larry Helminiak; We don’t need failed leaders like John Wafer, Mark Uncapher, Loretta Shields, Louis Pope and the rest of the marry band of RINOs.

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