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Obama Care Lives!!! Time to FIRE OBAMA THIS NOVEMBER

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RINOs We don’t need Them!!!

The MD GOP under the leadership of Alex Mooney is great.  Alex has been able to pick off 2 of the 3 O’Malley’s pet bills.  Alex got the Maryland Dream act on a referendum; Gay Marriage and now he is going to get Redistricting on the ballot in 2012.  Alex and Del. Neil Parrott deserves the bulk of the credit they did in spite of RINOs in Maryland like John Wafer and Chris Cavey (Who should be in jail or house arrest with Paul Schurik for robo call gate)

John Wafer is a liberal Republican from Howard County, who managed to win as party secretary back in 2010.  Wafer has been a constant moron on the committee bad mouthing Chairman Mooney and  other conservatives.  I guess that is why he backed Liberal Republicans like Audrey Scott, Mary Kane and his own county Chairman Loretta Sheilds.   Howard County has some of the biggest liberal republicans in the State like State Senator Alan Kittleman and Del. Wade Kach both support Gay Marriage like John Wafer.

We can all agree the MDGOP would work better if we didn’t have RINOs like Wafer, Kittleman, and Kach.