What will happen to the “Scott Generation” at the state YR Convention in June?

Perhaps the silver lining from Audrey Scott and Lawrence Scott’s defeats on Saturday for the Scott Family Business is that the campaign has helped Lawrence identify a whole new generation of slash and burn Scott-style operatives.  Twenty-something Scott operatives David Myer, Matt Proud and Fiona Moodie were seen doing the master’s bidding ripping down Nicolee Ambrose signs at the convention at 1:30 Saturday morning.  At the same time State YR Chair Brian Griffith conducted a high profile personal attack campaign on Nicolee.  All are budding practitioners of the Scott Strategies way of campaigning.

These were not mere high school rowdies gone wild. Along with the beautiful Fiona na Moody of the Prince George’s County Republican Party, the vandals include David Meyer, vice chairman of the Howard County Republican Central Committee, along with Matt Proud, of Caroline County Republican Central Committee, and our newest Youth of the Year for the MD GOP.  Alex Mooney may want to reconsider the wisdom of giving Matt the lofty title of “Political Director” for the State party. In fact, Alex may need to recall how much Bob Ehrlich’s own campaign fund went to pay Paul Schurick’s defense costs before giving Matt any more responsibility.  It is a very short step from sign vandalism to ordering “Relax” robocalls.

On the other hand, a month from now the state YR’s will be meeting in Annapolis.  This will be an interesting meeting given the deep divisions within the YRs over the Ambrose – Scott election.  Lining up against Brian Griffiths and Matt Proud  will be a strong contingent of  Ambrose supporters, including Executive Vice-President Carl Weber, National Committeewoman Rachael Gingrich, Treasurer Heather Olsen, VP, Communications Mark Newgent and Immediate Past President Moshe Starkman.


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