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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Audrey Scott the Fictional Fundraiser, Part II

On April 12th, National Committeewoman wannabe Audrey Scott spoke to a group in Frederick. A copy of the audio from her 8 minute presentation was just shared with me. Click here to hear it. (Apologies, but the audio quality is a little low).

There’s not too much out of the ordinary here, although I did note that Mrs. Scott took the opportunity to repeat two questionable claims about her fundraising record as MD GOP chair.
First, at the 6:09 mark: “We had two staff members and they had not been paid for five months.”
She made a similar statement in her debate with Nicolee Ambrose in MontgomeryCounty. I addressed it in this blog post.
Next, at the 6:43 mark: “And by the end of the year, I had raised $1.5 million dollars.”
Monoblogue’s Michael Swartz has taken an exhaustive look at Mrs. Scott’s fundraising claims. He found that the $1.5 million fundraising claim is a gross exaggeration, and that Mrs. Scott raised half that amount at best. This does not include the so-called RNC Victory Fund monies – claimed by Mrs. Scott to total $1 million, but in reality aid from the RNC totaled no more than about $356,000 depending upon how you calculate it.  
To quote Ronald Reagan: “Facts are stubborn things.”

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