Scott Strategies … A Family Affair

Make no mistake, political campaign are a major income source for the Scott Family business.   According to the Maryland Board of Elections, from 2007 though January 2012, Scott Strategies at 51 Duke of Gloucester St, Annapolis, MD 21401 has collected over $800,000 for various Maryland State political committees, including:

  • Asti, Alison Friends of
  • Brennan, Ted Friends of
  • Burkhardt, Doug Friends of
  • Citizens For Better Government Slate
  • Citizens For Change Slate
  • Corkadel, Michelle Citizens To Elect
  • Elfenbein, Ron Friends Of
  • Fink, Derek Citizens To Elect
  • Freestate Alliance For Better Government Slate
  • Hodges, Stephanie Friends To Elect
  • House Republican Victory Slate
  • Howard, Seth Citizens To Elect
  • Impallaria, Richard Friends Of
  • Jacobs, Jay Friends Of
  • Jones, Cindy Citizens To Elect
  • King, James The Committee To Elect
  • Kipke, Friends of Nic
  • Krebs, Susan Friends Of
  • Ladd, Dick Committee to Elect
  • No Slots At The Mall
  • Pusey, Marty Friends of
  • Saab, (Sid) Citizens For
  • Schuh, Steve Citizens To Elect
  • Schulz, Kelly Friends Of
  • Slaughenhoupt, Evan Citizens To Elect
  • Swafford, Rene Citizens To Elect

These are just the state committees.  In addition Federal campaign include the 2012 primary campaigns of Richard Douglas and David Brinkley,

Roscoe Bartlett and Dan Bongino in 2012,  as well James Shalleck in 2010, have all learned the hard way the cost from Audrey Scott when they failed pay the “Scott Family Business.”


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