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Audrey Scott’s Anti-Roscoe Robocall

Below is the text of a robocall which Audrey Scott fielded on behalf of David Brinkley, Congressman Roscoe Bartlett’s primary opponent, during the weekend before the election.

“My name is Audrey Scott and I’m the past chairman of the Maryland Republican Party. Yesterday I received a poll which showed that David Brinkley was tied with Roscoe Bartlett. And then today I witnessed Roscoe Bartlett unleash a disgusting and toxic personal attack against David Brinkley and his family.  In my 50 years of Republican involvement, I have never seen such ugly behavior by a Republican official.  Mr. Bartlett’s negative attack on David Brinkley’s family represents a new low for Republicans in Maryland. A healthy debate on issues is fair. But to go after a fellow Republican’s family just because you are losing is an act of desperation and, frankly, it is out of bounds.  No one has a right to a congressional seat. We are not a kingdom. We are a democracy. It is a right that needs to be earned each and every day. David Brinkley has earned that right, and he did so with honor. Please join me in rejecting Roscoe Bartlett’s desperate and negative attacks, and please join me in supporting David Brinkley for Congress. Thank you.”

I have an audio file of the call, too, which I have not figured out how to upload. But I’m happy to email it to you if you want to listen to it for yourself.
Um, I have several reactions.
First, Bartlett beat Brinkley by a rounded margin of 44 percent to 20 percent, which makes me wonder if the poll Mrs. Scott is touting actually exists. As we have seen recently, she is not averse to embellishing the truth – including her alleged fundraising success as party chairman – to serve her own political ends.
Second, in light of this attack and her earlier statements questioning Bartlett’s electability, one has to wonder if Mrs. Scott can credibly support Bartlett now that he is in the fight of his political life with financier John Delaney. My guess is that Delaney’s campaign will make eager use of Mrs. Scott’s attacks on Bartlett in their own campaign materials.
Third, we don’t live in a democracy. We live in a republic.
Lastly, Mrs. Scott says that, “No one has a right to a congressional seat.” Well, no one has a right to a seat on the Republican National Committee, either.  Through a series of past and recent missteps – including attending a gas tax rally, embellishing her fundraising as party chairman, her Bartlett bashing, fudging endorsements, and her involvement in the Rule 11 fiasco – it appears Mrs. Scott is working hard to disqualify herself from serving in the national committeewoman role she regards as a personal entitlement.
“I have never seen such ugly behavior by a Republican official,” Mrs. Scott states.

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