Time for Maryland Republican Central Committee Members to Step Up Financially

Alex Mooney, MDGOPMaryland Republican Central Committee members love to complain about the party’s lack of financial resources.  Usually they are also the very same people who have not given to the state party.

It is time for Central Committee members to step up. Instead of listening to central committee members whining and bitching about the location of the headquarters from West Street, why not require them to open up their wallets?

A few months ago an idea was floated  about charging all the state central committee members $25.  That would generate about $7500.00 if all 300 members gave $25 to the party.  Mr. Chairman, this is a good idea, not a great idea.

A better idea would be charge $100 per central committee member.  This would bring an extra $30,000 to the state party every year.  $25 doesn’t even fill up half a tank of gas.  On a good night it is hardly a good tip at the Bluestone or at the Blue Lagoon.   If a college student can spend $100 on a Friday night, then why can’t each Republican Central Committee members afford as much over the course of a year? Isn’t the Republican Party worth as much as a night at Bentley’s?

Actually, an even better idea would be charge each county central committee $250 for each of their members.  That would garner $75,000 per year for the party.   If we started this year we’d have $225,000 by 2014 which we could use in defeating Democrats.  But I know we can only take one step at a time.

I really wish that Chairman Mooney would stop listening to the tired has-beens in the party.  Being a Republican star twenty years ago is not helping us today.  If Executive Board members oppose you, all it takes is a vote of the state Central Committee to remove them. If some local party tries to oppose you revoke them and put in place a new county chairman who is on the same page.  These losers have blocked progress in the MD GOP for far too long.

Alex, you were elected with the largest margin in recent history, the people want action, not the stodgy losing ideas of the past.  Ignore everyone who opposes you, we all know you know better than the losers who want you to do what they want.  They are afraid you will be successful in turning the MDGOP around.


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2 responses to “Time for Maryland Republican Central Committee Members to Step Up Financially

  • Michael Swartz

    I’ll pay $100…if I get to go to the conventions for free (aside from the hotel room.) Remember, some of us pony up a couple bills a year just to go and cast our votes for the party’s direction, not counting the lodging. One thing I liked about OC conventions was the fact I could commute, but others aren’t so lucky.

    And perhaps this is a way of people voting with their feet, so to speak. If the MDGOP isn’t as effective as they might wish, then they don’t donate.

    Alex also has about $84,000 in his campaign kitty. That could give the state party a real shot in the arm, or he can help out the counties to the tune of $3,500 each. That would show some leadership.

    If you think it’s such a great idea, try making it into a bylaws amendment and make the point at the convention instead of hiding behind anonymity. I didn’t like Rule 11 and I stuck my neck out to effect change. Let’s have the debate if you want it.

    • mdgopinsider

      Michael I am not on any Central Committee. I’d love to make it a by-law amendment. I agree convention then should be free. Also I loved the OC Convention I’d drive there from College Park anytime or even Hunt Valley. I am optimistic that Solomon Convention will be as good as OC however I can’t image it being as good. OC is just OC; it is a ton of fun, a lot to do if you are just an observer like myself who isn’t on any Central Committee. As for Alex’s campaign kitty I disagree he raised that for a run for Congress he should be building that war chest for 2014 because Roscoe isn’t running again, the Dems will throw everything at him, especially if we have a Republican President.
      You have to admit Alex needs to use the power of chairman, post to listening to the washed up folks on Executive Committee. Alex won with the largest margin in years; he has a mandate, to lead. I really hope in 2014 he actively campaigns against the moderate Central Committee Members around the state. He should usher in a new Conservative Majorities on all 23 Central Committees.
      The MD GOP will never start winning until they stop listening to the Dinosaurs, who have a track record of losing and losing more.

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