Mooney Congratulates Candidates and Optimistically Looks to November

Chairman of the Maryland Republican Party, Alex X. Mooney, made the following remarks, “I would like to congratulate Governor Romney and the other candidates who were successful this evening. The quality of candidates that we have is a clear demonstration that the Maryland Republican Party will be ready to compete in November. I am especially appreciative of the effort the Presidential candidates made to earn the trust of the voters in Maryland. This is further evidence that in 2012, Maryland matters.”

Mooney continued, “The Maryland Republican Party has seen over 5,000 conversions from the Democratic Party and nearly 30,000 new active registrations since the 2010 election cycle. That is why the Democrats have tried to slice and dice Marylanders’ Congressional representation to protect their political paychecks. Some experts are calling these nefarious efforts the worst gerrymandered maps in America and according to recent polling, two-thirds of all Marylanders disapprove of the O’Malley maps. The Maryland Republican Party will be fighting with every breath we have to ensure that the Congressional boundaries are challenged on the ballot this November.”

The Maryland Republican Party and had volunteers in all 24 jurisdictions collecting signatures to take the Congressional Redistricting maps to referendum.

The Republicans on the ballot for the General Election are:

United States Senate – Dan Bongino

United States House of Representatives:
District 1 – Andy Harris
District 2 – Nancy Jacobs
District 3 – Eric Knowles
District 4 – Faith Louden
District 5 – Tony O’Donnell
District 6 – Roscoe Bartlett
District 7 – Frank Mirabile
District 8 – Ken Timmerman


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