The Worst Republican Central Committee in Maryland – Why Won’t Montgomery County Support Roscoe Bartlett?

MCGOP ClownsThis Tuesday is the Maryland GOP Primary.  All the other counties seem to have things in order with the exception of Montgomery County Maryland.

Not a single member of the county party leadership has rallied in support of Republican incumbent Congressman Roscoe Bartlett.  That includes Chairman Mark Uncapher, First Vice Chair Katja Bullock, the husband and wife team of Treasurer David & Second Vice Chair Jeanette Cotter, Secretary Sylvia Darrow, Finance Chair Bruce Stern, Organization Chair Pat Fenati, Counsel Vince DeCain and Political Engagement Chair Dwight Patel.

After a decade of having no elected Republicans in office, you would think they would welcome the chance to support a Republican who wins elections?  Apparently not.

The problem is that these party establishment geniuses are all card carrying members of the Ehrlich-Kane machine. They are the same team that tried to lock Brian Murphy out of the primary in 2010 with Rule 11.  And when Ehrlich crashed, they tried to extend their grip on the state party by imposing Mary Kane as chairman.

Not only have they not supported Roscoe Bartlett, they have actively lent their names to the David Brinkley campaign.  They are shilling for David Brinkley (campaign run by Lawrence Scott) and they want Lawrence’s mother Audrey Scott for National Committeewoman.

Now, to be honest in Baltimore County we have our share of RINOs.  Our past chairman was head of Republicans for Obama. (Thank God he is gone.)  And we also have more than our own fair share of Ehrlich hacks, like the prior Chairman.   However we manage to get Republicans elected.  This past election cycle we elected Councilman David Marks a Republican in a district Obama won in 2008.  If Marks can get elected in a Democrat district, Montgomery County should be able to get a Republican elected as well.

Are there any real conservatives among the 48 members of the Montgomery County Central Committee who can wake up and replace their leadership team?  Someone needs to ask Alex Mooney if he can lead the effort to clean house within the Montgomery County GOP, and replace them with red-blooded, pro-values conservatives.


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2 responses to “The Worst Republican Central Committee in Maryland – Why Won’t Montgomery County Support Roscoe Bartlett?

  • David Marks

    Thank for the shout-out!

  • Joan Hough Schelling

    in a quarter century living in Montg county and another 1/4 century in Pr. Georges county and now living in Garrett county I make the following comments: Montg county has a program in place of very liberal, left leaning policies in all area; that is probably why they refuse to support Bartlett, the last republican that prospered was Congresswoman Connie Morella, she was great at stridling the far left and her more moderate policies. that is why I left Montg county to go to Garrett County, which is a dinasaur in terms of politics. the head of the MD. womens repub is allowing the 2 womens clubs up here to atropy—and that is how they want it!! no new members are encouraged, infact new members are “shunned”, yep, that old farm method of letting people know that they are not going to be allowed in the club (led by the President)no politics are EVER discussed and the activities which they state are ‘politics’ are in reality just Civic activities. they do no politics that I can see, save Ruth running for President. there is something strange going on. in the most important time in my lifetime, I see no political hustling or activities going on; it is appalling. with a membership of 20 women they actually ‘shun’ new members! that is, if the member has the temerity to actually push thru all the silence of the meetings which characterizes them. is this the best that Republicans can do? if so, we’ll see a President Obama again.

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