Rep. Roscoe Bartlett Moves In For Final Kill

This is what State Senator David Brinkley doesn’t want you to know.

I think we can stick a fork in Sen. Brinkley he is done, and done.  I really hope somoen challenges him in 2014.  Brinkley is a RINO!!!


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3 responses to “Rep. Roscoe Bartlett Moves In For Final Kill

  • Michael Swartz

    Honestly I don’t have a dog in the Sixth District fight as long as the seat stays Republican, but that was pretty low of Bartlett. All that did was give the Democrats something to use if Brinkley survives the primary.

    I know politics ain’t beanbag, but we should conduct ourselves at a higher standard.

  • Augie

    I would have to agree with Michael Schwartz…I got an email from another campaign today [Afzali] that wasted no time jumping on this bandwagon…classless act in my opinion. This has been fairly common knowledge and the details of the confrontation have been fairly well documented. The fact that Bartlett and Afzali, both ineffective legislators in their own right, have the gall to do this 2 days prior to a primary tells me a lot.

  • mike.weiss

    Roscoe would seem to be desperate, except I doubt Roscoe knew what was going on. He has surronded himself with half-wits.

    There is a reason Alex Mooney was one of the few Republican incumbents to lose in 2010. It is because of bone heads moves like this.

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