The Two Bob Ehrlichs

This morning I received an email from Dave Wallace for Congress, Candidate in Maryland 8, with a release with an endorsement from former Governor Bob Ehrlich.  I thought good to hear Governor Ehrlich endorsed a good candidate.  Then I look down in my email this morning I see Governor Ehrlich has also endorsed another candidate running for Congress.  Only one problem this other Candidate is Ken Timmerman also a candidate running in District 8.

There are several reasons on how this could have happened.  One Early onset of Alzheimer or Dementia, perhaps; Multiple personality disorder maybe Bob Ehrlich endorsed Dave Wallace and Robert Ehrlich endorsed Ken Timmerman.  Perhaps tomorrow Bobby Ehrlich and Robby Ehrlich will endorse Alzona and Skolnick.

This in the age of fake endorsements, we have to wonder which one is real?


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One response to “The Two Bob Ehrlichs

  • Michael D. Zimmer, chairman for Dave Wallace in Carroll County

    You seem to have trouble distinguishing between a testimonial of support and an endorsement. They are totally separate. For an official such as Governor Ehrlich it is not unusual at all for him to issue statements of support to multiple candidates. When I ran for Delegate in 2002 he did exactly the same thing granting me and two other candidates in the primary such testimonials.

    Gov. Ehrlich has endorsed no one in District 8 in the primary. He as endorsed two candidates. I will support who ever the primary voters select. We must defeat Rep. Chris Van Hollen. He has been a complete disaster for our state and our country. How about we think about that as we decide who gets our vote Tuesday?

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