O’Malley Report Card

What grade would YOU give Governor O’Malley on the following Issues






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One response to “O’Malley Report Card

  • Joan Hough Schelling

    Gov o’Malley has raised the taxes in so many insidious ways that he is driving businesses and residents away from Maryland. He is the epitome of the “tax and spend democrat”! I was a Democrat in Maryland for 68 years; when I saw just what those liberal policies actually wrought–I became an Independent, and then a Republican. I was actually turned off the Republicans with the reign of Pres Bush, who was in theory a Republican but acted like a Democrat. I watched Montgomery County destroy itself with it’s bleeding heart (read that “compassionate”) policies so that it is no longer #2 economically What’s that about “take from the rich and give to the poor”? well, it did it–and the rich moved out. I was a Realtor and it is no longer the mecca that it once was, thanks to the Democrats—like Gov. O’Malley. my next move will be o/o/state! when we cannot afford to keep our lifelong senior citizens in their home state, it is a testimont to wrong political policies.

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