Wallace – Alzona Collusion in District 8

Dave Wallace Candidate MD District 8 GOP PrimaryMaryland’s 8th District is in play for the GOP for the first time in ten years.   In District 8 we have three candidates running, of the three only electable candidates among the three is foreign policy expert Ken Timmerman.

His two opponents or should I say one opponent since sources have told MDGOPinsider, that there is a secret deal between the Wallace Campaign and the Alzona Campaign.  Dave Wallace in his own right isn’t a horrible candidate however he lacks the fundraising abilities and doesn’t appeal to Montgomery County Voters.  The other candidate is Gus Alzona is a horrible candidate he thinks he knows everything and is one angry little Asian.  Not sure if he is angry that because he gets blown out every time he runs for office including the Montgomery County Republican Central Committee races or is he may have some mental issues, perhaps he needs Prozac.   

Sources tell MDGOPinsider that the fix is in.  Alzona will attack Timmerman in Montgomery County and as a result pull votes from Timmerman to allow for Wallace to be competitive in Montgomery County.

Wallace and Alzona has a list of endorsements listed on their respective website however, if we have learned one thing this election cycle is that not all endorsements are real endorsements (hat tip to Joe Steffen at www.globalrhetoric.com ) Glo0bal Rhetoric Blog exposed a candidate for using fake endorsements. 

Why vote for Ken Timmerman over Wallace/Alzona

Ken Timmerman has years of appearance in foreign policy, he understands the Middle East and is pro-Israel.  He has a solid plan on creating jobs in District 8.   Timmerman is in tune with District 8 values, he is pro-life, pro-second Amendment.  Timmerman understands the global problems we have in the world from the Middle East to Communist China to Eurozone in crisis.

So, on April 3, 2012 District 8 Republicans if they want a candidate who will stand up for you in Washington and shares your values and concerns Vote for Ken Timmerman.  If you just want to win in District 8 Vote for Ken Timmerman.  He is the only candidate who can raise money against the VanHollen Machine.  Wallace/Alzona are light weights and won’t be able to raise the money needed to take on an entrenched Democrat.  


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12 responses to “Wallace – Alzona Collusion in District 8

  • Mitt Dates

    If you are worried about fake endorsements I would read over Timmerman’s very carefully.

  • David Warren

    If ken is so pro life why did Maryland Right to the Endorse Dave Wallace?

  • sheamccarthy

    This entire post is really disgraceful. The bigoted comments about Mr. Alzona in your article are reprehensible. To draw contrast among candidates on important policy issues is one thing, to personally slander a public figure with racially charged epithets is something different entirely. The racial attacks against Gus Alzona in your article transcend the realm of politics; these shameful remarks have no place in this conversation.

    Further, the notion that Dave Wallace and Mr. Alzona are for some reason colluding in this race to prevent Ken Timmerman from receiving the nomination is utterly preposterous. It is clear that in this race, there are three candidates who are all motivated by the common goal of unseating Montgomery Counties liberal congressman, Chris Van Hollen. To suggest otherwise without any credible, on the record source is equally shameful.

    Dave Wallace is operating a clean, smart, and targeted campaign that is focusing on the issues that matter most to residents of the 8th District, rather than spending his time grossly slandering his opponents. Consider the substance that would remain in this article if these bigoted and irresponsible comments were to be removed. There’s not much left here.

  • Robert Edison

    Wow. Racist much. If you think that Wallace and Alzona are truly in cahoots, then you are as big as an idiot as you are a racist. Now let’s break down the factual errors you have in your article. There are actually four candidates running. The fourth being Shelly Skolnick. My dog could have gotten on a computer and researched that information. You might want to help yourself to a Researching for Idiots book in your spare time.

    You mention that all endorsements aren’t real endorsements and you mention Alzona and Wallace’s names, but not Timmerman. Ken Timmerman wrote the book on false endorsements or should I say Friends of Ken, as he likes to call them on his website. This guy runs into somebody and next thing you know he’s shouting on the roof tops that he’s been endorsed by him. And for the love of God, he has Simon Wiesenthal listed as an endorsement. He passed away years before his campaign. What kind of ethics does this guy have when he’s listing deceased people as his endorsers?? Why doesn’t he just throw Ronald Reagan on his list of Friends.

    You write, “Timmerman is in tune with District 8 values, he is pro-life, pro-second Amendment.” Well let’s break this down. “Values” – yeah…read my above statement. Enough said. “Pro Life” – and who was endorsed by Maryland’s Right to Life? Oh, wait. Dave Wallace. “Pro-second Amendment” – Timmerman is so pro-second Amendment that he isn’t even a member of the NRA. Wait a second. Who IS a member of the NRA? Oh, yeah… Dave Wallace. In summary, the only real Collusion going on here is the collusion between your nose and Timmerman’s rear. See you on April 3rd.

  • Judy Bach

    WOW! What a putrid attack on nice gentlemen! I reiterate everything that Shae has said! Your comments are nasty hitting below the belt vile biggotted and SLANDEROUS!! I KNOW OF NO COLLUSION between Alzona and Wallace! This certainly is news to me. Oh thats right its NOT NEWS but made up garbage! BOTH mr Alzona and Mr Wallace are very fine and honest gentlemen! You calling Alzona an ANGRY ASIAN is disgusting. He is an American citizen has has just as much right to run for office as your boy Ken does. Furthermore Many of us are on to your campaigns little dirty tricks! I have them noted And Dave Wallace does NOT place false endorsements on his website! Transferance Much? I am glad TEAM WALLACE is running a clean campaign. I pity you and your ilk!

    • Judy Bach

      And I Love the lie that you posted that “Dave Wallace does not appeal to Montgomery County Voters”. Did you ask all of the Montgomery Co Voters. No I didnt think so MORE LIES!

  • Conservative

    You know a candidate is getting nervous about the upcoming results of an election when they have trash and lies like this published. Way to keep the election fair, balanced, and civil Ken Timmerman. I don’t care if Ken win’s the Primary, I would rather vote for Van Hollen, over a bigoted man such as Ken. What a disgrace to the Republican Party, Timmerman. I will be extremely disappointed if Ken Timmerman wins the Primary. Personally, I think Dave Wallace is the better candidate and Gus Alzona is a great man as well. Stop the attacking and the lies, because at the end of the day, we are in this for the same reason, are we not? Grow up.

  • Michael D. Zimmer, chairman for Dave Wallace in Carroll County

    I’d be fascinated to hear the methodology of some “poll” you referenced above.

    I have met Gus Alzona. I consider him to be a patriot. He believes in the Constitution of the United States. I’ve never heard him utter an angry word. I’ve heard him speak formally to two different groups. I’ve observed him interacting in both informal and formal social settings. To attack him in this manner indicates to me that someone is getting a little desperate.

  • Michael D. Zimmer, chairman for Dave Wallace in Carroll County

    The so called collusion between Dave Wallace and Gus Alzona is fascinating to me. What evidence of this vast right wing conspiracy exists? Could this be an accusation by someone who needs an excuse should a desired out come not come to fruition?

    There are four GOP candidates running for the honor of facing Rep. Chris Van Hollen. As near as I can tell the four Republicans agree on certain principles and issues. They disagree on others. All four are honorable community leaders who have been successful in their professional or business vocations.

    What is the source for all the vitriol? Why not tell folks the positives about your candidate of choice?

    I will gladly work just as hard for any primary winner regardless of whether my preferred candidate prevails or not.

    Let’s focus on the actual goal. We must send Gov. O’Malley a nice thank you card for his monstrous map of districts. The best way to do that is to elected a replacement to Rep. Van Hollen and maintaining a Republican in District 6.

  • Michael D. Zimmer, chairman for Dave Wallace in Carroll County

    I urge all undecided voters to review the content of each candidate’s web site. Make and informed choice based on qualifications and issues.

  • Farrell Keough

    I’ve been involved in politics for a number of decades and I’ve seen any number approaches to “promote” a candidate. Unfortunately, this method follows the “scorched earth” policy so well established by the Clinton Administration – one will remember the line of “dragging a dollar through trailer court”.

    I don’t know the writer here, but I would caution against continuing with this approach. [One of the reasons Romney is not getting Conservative support is, he runs ads basically saying vote for me because these other guys are dirt-bags – not much of a reason to support a fella].

    Mr. Timmerman is a fine man – I know him and know many of his supporters. Why not tell us why he deserves our vote rather than diminish his competition? For instance, I have been writing about Conservative politics since 2007, this was my promotion of Mr. Wallace: http://www.thetentacle.com/ShowArticle.cfm?mydocid=4892

    You may well garner hits by writing these kinds of columns, but in the end it will bite you! Research and credibility are paramount – once a reputation is lost, it is very hard to get it back.

    My guess is, the author of these memes will not take this to heart – heck, she/he may see it as a badge of honor. If that is the case, it will be a shame. You see, after 50 years on this earth, a fella learns a thing or two and I still accept wise advice. This series of columns is harmful – both to Republicans and to the author. I sincerely hope these are either retracted or a new column is written which corrects these many falsehoods, innuendos, and hyperbole.

    This District is infinitely winnable! Take the high road and let the cards fall where they will. We want to beat Van Hollen, not each other. Farrell Keough

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