Alzona lists outdated Endorsements: Is this an effort to deceive the electorate?

What is it with Maryland Republicans this year?  First it was candidate for National Committee Woman Audrey Scott that had listed several fake endorsements like Neil Parrott and Karen Winterling, whom both have endorsed Nicolee Ambrose.  Then we learned Dave Wallace had some questionable endorsements.  (which in all honestly these could have been an oversight, unlike the Scott Endorsements)    Then we learned Sen. David Brinkley candidate 6th Congressional District, did a mailing about a week ago with at least three fake endorsements.

Now this morning researching Gus Alzona’s campaign, I’ve learned he has listed several endorsements that are more than four years old.   Alzona lists the NRA, however NRA hasn’t endorsed him in over ten years, as for “Maryland Pro-Life and Right To Life organizations” (How about be a little more specific) they haven’t endorsed him since 2006.  Why list past endorsements?  Alzona why haven’t these organizations endorsed you in 2012?  Why are you trying to deceive the voters in District 8?

And the other endorsements he lists includes failed candidate for Congress in 2010, and two members of the Montgomery County Republican Central Committee members out of a central committee of 48, isn’t it pretty pathetic.   You couldn’t find three more people from the Montgomery County Republican Central Committee to endorse you Gus?   Then he has the endorsement of a Michael Ryman former candidate for Lt. Governor.  (Funny he also noted Mr. Ryman was endorsed by Gov. Sarah Palin)   He Gus Sarah Palin endorsed Mike Ryman and Brian Murphy, not you and she never would endorse you over Ken Timmerman or Dave Wallace.  The Fact you note that is to distort the facts and you want people to think she has endorsed you in the District 8 race.

This is yet another reason why District 8 Republicans need to vote for Ken Timmerman, April 3, 2012.   Furthermore I have learned he is a Ron Paul Delegate candidate, District 8 Republicans Don’t Vote the perpetual loser Alzona for anything.

Is this part of the Alzona – Wallace master plan to siphon off votes from Ken Timmerman in the upcoming Maryland Primary?


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