Joe Steffen Exposed Democrat Candidate for US Congress in MD-6

The great Joe Steffen has done it again, he has exposed State Senator and candidate for US Congress in MD-6, Rob “Gas Tax” Garagiola. He has exposed an affair the State Senator has been havign with a Washington Lobbyist.   Garagiola is one of the most liberal members of the State Senate, he voted for the Gas Tax before he voted against it.  He supports an increase in the State Sales Tax to 7% just not this year, and gay marriage.

Below is a repost from Joe Steffen’s Global Rhetoric blog


Joe Steffen’s Global Rhetoric blog

Idiotic acts, you know what I’m talking about – the type of things perpetrated by folks who leave the rest of us shaking and scratching our heads in wonderment. Not to mention laughing at their idiocy. Yeah, they’re unique without being so…considering they happen all the damned time. With that in mind, here’s an idiotic act for you that I call…

All Fornicated Up:

Rob Garbageiola…I’m sorry, I mean Rob Garagiola, is a MD State Senator who’s running to win the Democratic Primary in Maryland’s redrawn 6th Congressional District. In the past, he’s lobbied for rightwing causes, yet in the present, he’s somehow gotten enough union endorsements to choke an AFL-CIO member.

Whatever, Garagiola was viewed by many as being the prohibitive favorite going into this Congressional race, considering all the rumblings and rants that the 6th was redrawn with him in mind to take out incumbent GOP Congressman Roscoe Bartlett.

And, truth be told, for a while things seemed to be running quite smoothly for old Rob to knock off his chief Democratic Primary rival John Delaney (who has been endorsed by Bill Clinton, mind you)…until, that is, rumors of marital infidelity hit the Garagiola home – and hit hard. And kept on hitting. And hitting…

Now rumors of infidelity are just that – rumors. No names of the “other” woman, no nada. But here is where it gets interesting. A week or so ago, with no retractions since from the tweets author or denials from the Garagiola camp that I’ve seen, came the following from an interesting Twitter persona known as Fake Rob Garagiola‏@FakeGaragiola:

“…#mdpolitics #md06 I’ve been having sex with lobbyist Hannah Powers Miller My wife Cindy is telling everyone…”

And with THAT line, the lid has been blown off of this idiot, the not fake – but quite possibly wishing that he was – Rob Garagiola.

To begin with, I’m told Garagiola’s no longer living with his wife and kids. I’m also told the reason for this is that wife-Cindy bounced him from their home. With his personal life seemingly in shambles, he at least had his professional life running smoothly to keep him occupied. Right? Uh, not so much as apparently his campaign is in a tail spin which, hopefully and hilariously, will lead it to crashing and burning on the embers of the…uh, “love” he and Hannah Powers-Miller are alleged to have shared.


(The Senator readies to do some polling…)

Speaking of Hannah Powers Miller, I first met Hannah back in 2002 when she was working for Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Kathleen Kennedy Townsend. With video-cam in hand, Hannah would show up to events at which former (but not yet elected) Governor Bobby Ehrlich was scheduled to speak. She would record his words in the search for things to use against him in the campaign. We spoke a few times and developed a mild friendship that lasted for a few years. I liked her. Hell, we even traded off some music CDs a few times.

Now, a decade later and after a stint as a top-notch office aid to Senate President Mike Miller, Hannah Powers-Miller is a lobbyist for the firm of Alexander and Cleaver.

Which, of course, leads to the “once and likely not moving up to Congress” Senator Rob Garagiola giving a brand new meaning to the term “being in bed with the lobbyists.”

Sorry about that last line, but I just couldn’t help myself ; )

Closing words?

Hell, as concerns Garagiola, all I can say is you made your bed, so you can sleep…or whatever…in it.

Oh, and Hannah – Please feel free to keep the CDs. I think one of them, oddly enough, is by the band, “The Flaming Lips.”

How very appropriate.




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One response to “Joe Steffen Exposed Democrat Candidate for US Congress in MD-6

  • Louis McComas

    Should Rob be worried about this quote from Hannah Powers Miller on her bio at Alexander & Cleaver?

    From Hannah Powers Miller

    “I developed important relationships with members of the Senate and House, and those contacts translate into timely information and access to members of the General Assembly and the Administration for our clients.”

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