Will Andy Harris’ endorsement of Dave Wallace make a difference to District 8 Republicans?

Andy Harris is flexing his political muscles by becoming a statewide “Republican Kingmaker.” This past week the Eastern Shore Congressman supported Wallace with a fundraiser in what has been assumed to be the heartland of Timmerman’s support, Bethesda.   http://www.wallaceforcongress.com/events.html

Harris already went out on the political limb in supporting Newt Gingrich.  For fifteen minutes, while the Gingrich campaign was on the top, the Harris move seemed very, very shrewd.  Now, not so much.

Harris has stayed out of the District 6 primary.  Perhaps he does not want to choose between former colleague David Brinkley and current colleague Roscoe Bartlett.

MDGOP INSIDER’s poll shows Dave Wallace shows him trailing Ken Timmerman by a healthy margin.  However if Harris’ support can help turn around the Wallace campaign’s fortunes, it would be a real coup for the Congressman.

Other Republicans with statewide ambitions may be wondering if the Harris endorsement and Bethesda fundraiser means he is joining their club.  No doubt E.J. Pipkin will be watching especially carefully to see what impact a Harris primary endorsement has


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4 responses to “Will Andy Harris’ endorsement of Dave Wallace make a difference to District 8 Republicans?

  • Kathy Szeliga

    Andy Harris has NOT endorsed in this race. Please correct your posting. Andy Harris has attended events for both Dave Wallace and Ken Timmerman.

    Please correct your headline.

    Kathy Szeliga
    Campaign Manager
    Andy Harris for Congress

  • Michael D. Zimmer, chairman for Dave Wallace in Carroll County

    Dave’s Wallace’s web site does not list Rep. Harris as an endorser. It accurately quotes his testimonial of support. It is not correct that Rep. Harris attended a fundraiser any other GOP for District 8 candidate besides Wallace.

    Team Wallace admires the service of Rep. Harris and we’re very pleased that he was a special guest for Dave at the event in Montgomery County.

  • Jill

    I have read several commentaries on this site, most entail inaccuracies and alleged behaviors without evidence. Most who write blogs or commentaries are not ashamed to use their name, unless the accounts are less than truthful. Integrity is one thing, but facts matter.

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