MDGOPinsider Endorsements for 2012 Primary 4-3-2012

Following are the endorsements for candidates running for President, Senate and The House.

President Governor Mitt Romney

US Senate Daniel Bongino

US Congress District 1:  Rep. Andy Harris

US Congress District 2: State Senator Nancy Jacobs –

US Congress District 3: Eric Knowles

US Congress District 4: Faith Loudon

US Congress District 5: Tony O’Donnell

US Congress District 6: Rep. Roscoe Bartlett

US Congress District 7: M. Justin Kinsey

US Congress District 8: Ken Timmerman


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3 responses to “MDGOPinsider Endorsements for 2012 Primary 4-3-2012

  • Eric Knowles

    Much, much appreciated. We are working hard to be able to take this fight to the incumbent after the 3rd.

  • Louis McComas

    The sad fact is that is that Roscoe Bartlett has stopped being a free market conservative on energy policy, and embraced a “command and control” approach. For years now Roscoe has made one of his pet causes the idea of “peak oil.” This is the idea that world production of oil is on the decline. (Who has not sat through one of Roscoe’s condescending slideshow presentations, in which he suggests only he knows the facts?)

    As a matter of history, transitions among energy sources are nothing new. However the change is best handled by the marketplace. Even if one assumes Roscoe is right, his problem is that as a solution he proposes active government intervention.

    I have more faith in the market to set prices that help decide the right balance of coal, oil, gas, alternatives and nuclear energy. Roscoe thinks the government knows best.

  • John Adams

    Your endorsements for the 6th and the 8th are really off. We need new leadership in the 6th, and the 8th… Come on. Ken Timmerman? Dave Wallace has the support of all the local leaders such as Jim Rutledge, Commissioner Blaine Young, Delegate Kelly Schulz and many others. I wish Ken the best of luck, however, Dave Wallace is the only candidate that stands out to me in this race.

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