Case for Nicolee Ambrose for National Committeewoman

This is a letter members of GOP Central Committees members received.  I found this letter under my door this afternoon.

Looks like this is yet another reason why MD GOP Central Committee members should all vote for Nicolee Ambrose at this spring convention.  Sounds like former Chair Scott is just too incompetent to be National Committeewoman.

Read for yourself below.

————-FROM Tom Sheahen —————————————

Dear Maryland Republican Central Committee Member:

My name is Tom Sheahen and I am a member of the Garrett County Republican Central Committee. I have been active in Maryland Republican politics since 1980, when I lived in Montgomery county. I ran for State Senate in District 19 in 1986; and volunteered for Alan Keyes twice and in both Ellen Sauerbrey campaigns. After moving to Garrett County in 2000, I immediately became active and was county chairman for Bush-Cheney 2004 and for Michael Steele in 2006. I have been a strong supporter of Congressman Roscoe Bartlett since 1992, occasionally giving advice on scientific legislative matters to his office.

I am writing to you today to tell you why I have decided to vote for Nicolee Ambrose for National Committeewoman, over Audrey Scott.

My first reason is that Nicolee Ambrose, the former National Chairman of Young Republicans, is a bright and dynamic individual with a solid track record of success who comes with creative new ideas and will be a productive member of the national committee. Maryland need not be written off as merely an eastern blue state with Nicolee representing us.

However, there is also a second reason that you need to know about:

While I initially considered supporting Audrey Scott because of her seniority in Maryland Republican circles, I was very dismayed to learn that she is now working as the campaign finance chairman for a Republican primary challenger, Senator David Brinkley, who is attempting to defeat incumbent Congressman Roscoe Bartlett in the April 3 primary.

Roscoe Bartlett has well represented the people of western Maryland where I live for 20 years, and does not deserve to be attacked by Audrey Scott. The recent Gazette article Audrey wrote against Bartlett

( contained many distortions, only some of which could be accidental and inept – some are deliberate.

In the 3 February 2012 Gazette article, Audrey Scott flaunted her credential as “former chairwomen of the Maryland Republican Party” to state that it is “impossible” for Roscoe Bartlett to win against the Democrats in the general election. In fact if you go to the website right now, Audrey Scott is listed as “the Immediate Past President, Maryland Republican Party” endorsing David Brinkley and further stating that Brinkley is “the only Republican who can keep this seat.”

By publicly stating that our outstanding Congressman Bartlett is a sure loser in the general election, Audrey Scott is hurting him in both fundraising and volunteer enthusiasm for the difficult fall election against his Democrat opponent.

Instead of supporting our pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, fiscal conservative incumbent Congressman Roscoe Bartlett in his tough re-election battle in a gerrymandered district, Mrs. Scott instead is working to raise money to defeat Congressman Bartlett in the primary.

I ask my colleagues on the eastern shore to consider this question: How would you react if someone from western Maryland was the campaign finance chairman for a primary challenger against your excellent Congressman Andy Harris in your Republican primary this year?

Raising money to spend against Bartlett in the primary as Audrey Scott is now doing will force Congressman Bartlett to spend more campaign money to win the primary, depleting his resources for the tough upcoming general election. She’s doing precisely what the Democrats would want her to do, and would be a popular guest a Democrat party gathering right now.

Maryland cannot credibly send such a disruptive person to participate at the national level as Committeewoman.

I have decided that I won’t reward Audrey Scott’s harmful actions toward our Republican Party by voting for her for National Committeewoman for Maryland — especially when we have a great alternative in conservative Nicolee Ambrose.

I have spoken with Nicolee, who of course supports Congressman Bartlett. Moreover, she is fully dedicated to our Republican principles, is a team player and has already displayed excellent leadership in achieving conservative goals. That’s what we need now!

I ask to you to join me and many of your Republican Central Committee colleagues across Maryland by electing Nicolee Ambrose as Republican National Committeewoman for Maryland.

Cordially yours,

Tom Sheahen


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