Old Lady from Maryland marks a Milestone

Senator Mikulski today marked a milestone as the longest-serving female Senator. Let’s look at the Senator from Maryland who hails from Dundalk/East Baltimore, honestly that whole area looks the same to me, it should all be bulldozed and rebuilt.

Now this when I’d go down a list of her accomplishments however for old Babs there isn’t a list of accomplishments. Just a trail of pet pork projects for her Union buddies in Baltimore. She was exposed of being a hypocrite when in 2004 she ran an ad of growing up poor in Baltimore; she was exposed by Maryland Maverick Dr. Ross Pierpont as a fraud. Old Babs had to fess up she really didn’t know what it was like to go to bed hungry. However the main stream media and her friends at the Baltimore Sun never even mentioned it to her.

I leave all with one thought am I all alone in thinking it is time for Babs to go? Am I alone in thinking she has wasted enough taxpayer cash on stupid pork projects that benefits her Big Union pals?



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3 responses to “Old Lady from Maryland marks a Milestone

  • Thomas

    She is a ‘Blah’…How do we Marylanders elect and keep in office people like her. The same for our man,Hoyer. Cardin(sp) and others. I’m a life long Marylander.86 years of age,NOT senile,26 year vet,college grad……..


  • Spurgeon Terry

    As far as I am concerned, it’s “PAST TIME FOR ‘OL ABORTION BABS” TO GO. I can usually tell beforehand how she is going to vote on major issues – opposite from the way I want her to vote.


  • Jerry Cave

    a longstanding national embarrassment for Maryland.

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