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Rep. Roscoe Bartlett Moves In For Final Kill

This is what State Senator David Brinkley doesn’t want you to know.

I think we can stick a fork in Sen. Brinkley he is done, and done.  I really hope somoen challenges him in 2014.  Brinkley is a RINO!!!


The Worst Republican Central Committee in Maryland – Why Won’t Montgomery County Support Roscoe Bartlett?

MCGOP ClownsThis Tuesday is the Maryland GOP Primary.  All the other counties seem to have things in order with the exception of Montgomery County Maryland.

Not a single member of the county party leadership has rallied in support of Republican incumbent Congressman Roscoe Bartlett.  That includes Chairman Mark Uncapher, First Vice Chair Katja Bullock, the husband and wife team of Treasurer David & Second Vice Chair Jeanette Cotter, Secretary Sylvia Darrow, Finance Chair Bruce Stern, Organization Chair Pat Fenati, Counsel Vince DeCain and Political Engagement Chair Dwight Patel.

After a decade of having no elected Republicans in office, you would think they would welcome the chance to support a Republican who wins elections?  Apparently not.

The problem is that these party establishment geniuses are all card carrying members of the Ehrlich-Kane machine. They are the same team that tried to lock Brian Murphy out of the primary in 2010 with Rule 11.  And when Ehrlich crashed, they tried to extend their grip on the state party by imposing Mary Kane as chairman.

Not only have they not supported Roscoe Bartlett, they have actively lent their names to the David Brinkley campaign.  They are shilling for David Brinkley (campaign run by Lawrence Scott) and they want Lawrence’s mother Audrey Scott for National Committeewoman.

Now, to be honest in Baltimore County we have our share of RINOs.  Our past chairman was head of Republicans for Obama. (Thank God he is gone.)  And we also have more than our own fair share of Ehrlich hacks, like the prior Chairman.   However we manage to get Republicans elected.  This past election cycle we elected Councilman David Marks a Republican in a district Obama won in 2008.  If Marks can get elected in a Democrat district, Montgomery County should be able to get a Republican elected as well.

Are there any real conservatives among the 48 members of the Montgomery County Central Committee who can wake up and replace their leadership team?  Someone needs to ask Alex Mooney if he can lead the effort to clean house within the Montgomery County GOP, and replace them with red-blooded, pro-values conservatives.

Congressman Paul Ryan Endorses Rep. Roscoe Bartlett in District 6: Game Over for Team Brinkley

In another clear indication that America’s conservative leaders realize that I am the best candidate for Maryland’s 6th District, Congressman Paul Ryan (R‐WI) – the architect of the Republican Budget plan and Conservative leader – has endorsed me for Congress.  In making the endorsement Congressman Ryan explained “Roscoe Bartlett and I have worked side by side to cut spending, repeal ObamaCare and pass my plan to balance the budget.”

Congressman Ryan goes on to explain, “We need Roscoe Bartlett’s Conservative leadership in Washington…so we can reverse Obama’s failed politics and protect America’s future.”  This is absolutely true, and I need your help this upcoming  Tuesday:  When you head out to the polls, remember to vote Bartlett.  Thank you very much for your support!


Looks like this is the final nail in the RINO Brinkley’s coffin, like we needed anymore nails… but this is yet another one.

MD GOP National Committeeman Poll


Monday April 23, 2012 – One of the best speakers at any Lincoln Day Dinner in Maryland J. P. Bolduc, will be speaking at the HCGOP’s Lincoln Dinner.

Mr. J. P. Bolduc serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Senior Managing Director of JPB Capital Partners II, L.P. and JPB Capital Partners. Mr. Bolduc is a Founder of JPB Enterprises Inc. and has been its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer since April 1995. Mr. Bolduc serves as Chairman of the Board, President, Chief Executive Officer and Partner of Stronghold Advisors. He serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of N’Site Solutions … Inc. He served the President and Secretary of JPB Enterprises Inc. He served as Chief Executive Officer of J.A. Jones from April 2003 to September 2004. From January 1993 to March 1995, he served as President and Chief Executive Officer of W.R. Grace & Co. Inc. and as its Vice Chairman. From August 1990 to December 1992, Mr. Bolduc served as President and Chief Operating Officer of W.R. Grace. Prior to his management positions at Grace, Mr. Bolduc served as Vice President and Partner at the global management and technical consulting firm of Bozo-Allen & Hamilton, Inc. He served three U.S. President (Nixon, Ford and Reagan) in capacities ranging from Assistant Secretary of Agriculture to Chief Operating Officer of the President’s Private Sector Survey on Cost Control (the Grace Commission). In 1990, Mr. Bolduc formed Catterton-Simon Partners (“CSP”), a Greenwich, Connecticut-based private equity firm focused on the consumer products industry. Mr. Bolduc served as a General Partner of CSP’s first three private equity funds. Mr. Bolduc serves as Chairman and Director of numerous social, civic and government boards and commissions. He serves as a Director of Proudfoot PLC, The Greene Turtle Franchising Corporation, Wythe Will Distributing, LLC, Columbia Bank, W.R. Grace, Marshall & Ilsley Corporation, Newmont Mining Corporation and Nihon Unisys Ltd. Mr. Bolduc serves as a Director of JPB Enterprises Inc., and Stronghold Advisors. He serves as Director of the Edison Preservation Foundation and Hospice of Baltimore. He serves on the Boards of a number of private and publicly traded corporations in the USA. He serves as a Director of Unisys Corporation. He has been a Director of EnPro Industries, Inc. since May 2002. He served as Director of Lance Inc., since April 27, 2006. He served as a Non-executive Director of Management Consulting Group PLC from September 1996 to October 23, 2009. He served as a Director of Brothers Gourmet Coffees Inc., since 1990. Mr. Bolduc served as a Director of Unisys Corp. since 1992. He served as an Independent Director of Enpro Industries Inc., since May 21, 2002. He served as a Director of Sundstrand Corporation since 1991. He is a Trustee of the William E. Simon Graduate School of Business at the University of Rochester and a member of the Advisory Council for Graduate Studies and Research at the University of Notre Dame. Mr. Bolduc holds BA/BS degree in Accounting from St. Cloud State University in Minnesota.

Sign up today for the Howard County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner at the Turf Valley Resort and Conference Center, Ellicott City, Maryland.  Tickets will go fast!   Purchase Tickets at .  Should be a grand evening or dance, humor and a dynamic speaker.    Also they will be featuring a live Auction.   More Details at

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